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Our Programs

Associate Assistance Fund

The Open Road Foundation Associate Assistance Fund is intended to provided financial assistance to individuals and/or families that have encountered tragedies or hardships in their lives. Grants from the Open Road Foundation are a maximum of $2,500 although additional matching funds from affiliated companies may be available. The Associate Assistance Fund is not intended to replace or supplement insurance coverage related to on-the-job injuries and/or specific medical procedures or related costs. Click here for an application.

Scholarship Fund

The application for our 2024 Educational Scholarship Program is available for download. Each year, the Open Road Foundation provides educational scholarships to employees, contractors, and their dependents affiliated with our participating companies. The scholarships can be used for trade schools, junior colleges, 4-year universities, and for post graduate work. The number of scholarships and value of scholarships is determined each year by the Board of Trustees of the Open Road Foundation. Click here for our 2024 scholarship application.

Hero of the Highway

The Hero of the Highway program is intended to provide recognition for those professional drivers and others who go beyond their everyday jobs and accomplish good deeds, ranging from random acts of kindness such as helping a stranded motorist to acts of extreme heroism such as pulling someone from a burning vehicle or administering CPR. So often, these acts of courtesy and kindness happen in the dark of night or the isolation of rural highway. Click here for a nomination form.

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