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Welcome to the
Open Road Foundation

We Are Now Accepting
Applications for our 2023-24 Educational Scholarships

Click Here to Download the application

Deadline for submission:
July 18, 2023
About Us

Our economy moves daily, one load at a time, because of the efforts of the men and women who make up the transportation and logistics industry. Through financial support of the Open Road Foundation and its network of partners, friends and supporters, we are able to provide victim assistance and educational funding to the thousands of professionals and their dependents located throughout the United States and Canada.


To provide victim assistance, fund scholarships, educational endeavors and other relevant causes in support of professional truck drivers and those supporting the trucking and logistics industry in North America.


Contributions allow the Open Road Foundation to

return funding directly back to those who help keep the North American economy moving.

"Think of Giving Not as a Duty, but as a Privilege."

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